When it comes to iconic facial hair styles, the handlebar mustache stands out as a testament to both vintage flair and modern charm. Evoking images of the rugged 19th-century gentleman, it remains a timeless style in the 21st century. Whether you’re aiming for a touch of old-world elegance or a bold statement, here’s a comprehensive guide on cultivating and styling the perfect handlebar mustache.

What is a Handlebar Mustache?

At its core, a handlebar mustache is distinguished by its “handles” – long, often curled ends that resemble bicycle handles. The use of mustache wax or other styling aides is essential to achieve this iconic look. While it’s a style that’s been around for centuries, it’s crucial to note that the modern handlebar mustache can be as diverse as the individuals who sport it.

Key Characteristics of the Handlebar Mustache:

  • Grown long enough to be styled, typically extending past the corners of the mouth.
  • Doesn’t connect to the face anywhere else, distinguishing it from styles like the horseshoe mustache.

Different Styles within the Handlebar Mustache Family

  • The Classic Handlebar Mustache: Defined by its upward curl, often looping back onto itself. The depth of the curl can vary based on personal preference.
  • The Petite Handlebar: Ideal for those with shorter mustache hair, it’s a more subtle version of the classic style.
  • The English Mustache: Resembling the traditional handlebar, except the ends point straight out, adding a dash of panache.
  • The Hungarian Mustache: Known for its robust appearance, it often covers the entire upper lip, with the handles taking a more relaxed, downward trajectory.

Growing your Handlebar Mustache and Styling Tips

  • Patience is Key: Allow your mustache to grow without trimming for at least 3-4 weeks.
  • Invest in Quality Tools: A good trimmer and a reliable mustache comb will make maintenance easier.
  • Waxing: Warm up a small amount of mustache wax between your fingers, then apply and style. Adjust the amount based on your desired firmness.

Mastering the Handlebar Mustache: Growth, Trim, Curl and Style

The handlebar mustache is an emblematic facial hair style that combines vintage panache with a touch of modern flair. But as with all great things, achieving perfection requires dedication and know-how. 

In this guide, we’ll offer a comprehensive understanding of growing, trimming, and styling the iconic handlebar mustache, complete with expert tips and techniques.

Growing Your Handlebar Mustache: Patience and Genetics Growing a striking handlebar mustache demands time. On average, expect a 4-6 month timeline for the mustache hair to mature enough to craft a full handlebar. 

A few considerations to remember when growing your handlebar mustache:

  • The signature ‘handles’ originate from the edges of the mustache. For some, this area might not yield enough length for an elaborate handlebar.
  • Minor trims can keep the growing hair manageable, but avoid cutting the corners—every bit of length is crucial.
  • The robust Hungarian style handlebar embraces the ‘wild’, requiring minimal trims.

Whether grown as a standalone style or complementing a full beard, the handlebar mustache is adaptable to various facial hair combinations.

How to Trim Your Handlebar Mustache: Expert Tips

Precision and Care Maintaining the handlebar mustache revolves around consistent grooming. A clean, streamlined appearance is key. 

Follow this 6-step Handlebar Mustache Trimming Guide for a polished look:

  • Segment your mustache into three portions – left, center, and right. The center corresponds to the hair below your nose.
  • Brush the left and right segments aside. Direct the center section downwards, aligning with your mouth’s midpoint.
  • Delicately snip any excess hair from the center, tracing your upper lip’s curve.
  • Integrate the handlebars back in, ensuring a smooth gradient from the shorter center to the elongated ends. Blend any inconsistencies.
  • Employ a quality Mustache Wax or Styling Balm. Focus on the ends, shaping them pointedly. Ensure both ‘handles’ match in length.
  • Elevate each handlebar, trimming any underlying hair. For those coupling the mustache with a beard, this step can be skipped.

Trimming demands precision; Remember, Less is More.

How to Achieve the Perfect Handlebar Mustache Style: Train, Wax and Curl

A truly captivating handlebar mustache results from proper grooming and technique. 

Here’s a 3-step styling guide for THE Best Handlebar Mustache:

  1. Train Your Mustache: Taming your mustache is paramount. Use a blow dryer on damp hair, shaping it with a Beard Comb or Round Brush. By alternating between hot and cold air, you can set the desired hair pattern.
  2. The Art of Wax Application: Mustache wax, when cold, can be challenging to maneuver. Warm a small quantity between your fingers before applying. For added ease, a blow dryer can pre-warm the wax. A Beard Brush ensures even distribution.
  3. Curl to Perfection: Add a touch more wax to finalize your handlebars. Instead of twisting, gently press the hair together. Sculpt the desired curl shape. For added hold, especially during special occasions, Elmer’s glue can provide an extra hold—use sparingly.

Crafting the perfect handlebar mustache is an art and science combination. Remember, with a great mustache comes great responsibility.

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