Beard styles without mustache stand out as an intriguing beard style in the ever-evolving realm of facial hair fashion. It’s not your everyday look, but damn, does it make a statement in the world of facial hair fashion. Rocking a beard without the classic mustache combo? Bold move. And it’s one that’s getting some serious attention.

You might be thinking, “Is this just a fad?” But, dig a little deeper and you’ll see this style has roots – like deep, historical roots. Back in the day, these Beard Styles Without Mustache were sported by the big dogs – we’re talking high status, class, and sometimes, just the rebels who liked shaking things up.

Fast forward to now: it’s a mix of old-school charm and modern edge. We’ve seen bearded styles swing from the full-blown lumberjack vibes to the sleek, boardroom-ready looks. But through all these changes, the Beard Styles Without Mustache have stayed strong, carving their own niche. It’s the go-to for guys who want to stand out, have a style that’s independent of the crowd, but still screams “class.”

Why this style though? It boils down to personal choice. Our beard game is a reflection of us, right? So, choosing to rock a beard minus the mustache? That’s your story, man. Whether it’s about making a style statement, working with what grows best, or just wanting to change up your grooming game, it’s all good.

Stick around as we dive deep into the world of Beard Styles Without Mustache, from their badass history to why they’re making waves today. Considering this look? Or just want to geek out on some grooming gold? Either way, buckle up – we’re going on a wild ride through one of the coolest grooming trends out there. Let’s get it!

Debunking Myths: The Truth About Beard Styles Without Mustache

Now, before you say anything, I’ve heard all the chatter – the myths, the misconceptions, and let’s face it, some straight-up nonsense. So let’s cut through the noise and break down some of these myths, man-to-man.

Myth 1: A Beard is Incomplete Without a Mustache 

Beard without the ‘Stache? That’s Half Done, Right? Nah, man. Just because most dudes pair their beards with a mustache doesn’t mean it’s the only way to roll. Think about it – Lincoln, some top-tier celebs; these guys went without the ‘stache and looked sharp. So, rock that Beard Styles Without Mustache with pride!

Myth 2: Beards Without Mustaches are Historically Inaccurate

It’s a New-Age Trend. Back in the Day, Everyone Had Full Beards. Wrong again, bro. This ain’t some new hipster trend. Historically, from the Amish folks to other cultures, many rocked the no-mustache beard, and they did it with style. It’s got roots, trust me.

Myth 3: This Style Suits Only a Certain Face Type 

You Need THAT Face Shape to Pull It Off. Look, every face is unique. Just like you wouldn’t wear any random pair of shades, the same goes for your beard style. With the Beard Styles Without Mustache, there’s something for every guy out there. Know your face, find your fit.

But let’s get real here. Growing facial hair is a personal game. You do you. Whether that’s the full forest, the clean-cut look, or diving into the Beard Styles Without Mustache. It’s about feeling good, looking sharp, and maybe, just maybe, channeling a bit of that historical or cultural vibe.

So, as we dive deeper into the world of Beard Styles Without Mustache, keep this in mind: Don’t get boxed in by myths or what’s “standard.” Be you, be bold, and find that perfect beard style that screams YOU. Cheers to breaking the mold and rocking it! 🍻

Factors to Consider: Understanding Beard Styles Without Mustache

If you’re thinking of diving into this world, there are a few things you gotta know, alright? Let’s break it down, man-to-man.

Your Face Shape Matters, Man: Every mug’s got its style. Let’s get the basics down:

  • Oval Faces: Lucky you, man! You’ve hit the beard jackpot. With that balanced face, you can rock almost any beard style without a mustache.
  • Square Faces: Got that strong jawline and broad forehead? Round out those angles with a beard that’s got some curves or length.
  • Round Faces: Length is your friend. Go for something that gives your face a bit of a stretch.
  • Rectangular Faces: Keep it shorter so you don’t end up looking like a wizard (unless that’s the vibe you’re going for).

And remember, a beard without a mustache can give you that chiseled look, making your face seem a tad longer. Bro with a broader face? This style’s your ticket to some added length.

It’s in the Genes, Dude: Your DNA’s got a say in this game. Your beard might be growing like a jungle, but that mustache? Maybe it’s acting shy. But hey, that’s cool! Work with what you got.

Patchy ‘Stache? No Sweat!: Patchy mustache got you down? Don’t fight it. Dive into the Beard Styles Without Mustache scene. It’s nature telling you to rock a different style.

Your Style, Your Statement: Beard styles without the mustache aren’t just about looks. They tell a story, man. Maybe it’s a nod to the past, a cultural thing, or just wanting to stand out from the bearded crowd. Whatever the reason, it’s all about being you.

To wrap it up – if you’re thinking of Beard Styles Without Mustache, consider your face shape, embrace whatever your genes threw at you, and pick a style that screams ‘YOU’. Your beard, your rules. Let’s rock it! 

Understanding Beard Styles Without Mustache

Dive into your seat ’cause we’re gonna break down this whole “Beard Styles Without Mustache” game for ya. Let’s kick some myths and get straight into the nitty-gritty.

What’s Your Face Saying? Every dude’s face is unique. So, first thing’s first, what’s your mug’s shape?

  • Oval Faces: You’ve got the golden ticket! With that balanced noggin of yours, you can rock pretty much any beard style without the stache.
  • Square Faces: Got a chiseled jaw and a broad forehead? Look for rounded or a bit longer beards to soften those strong angles.
  • Round Faces: Aim for longer beard styles. Gives your face a little stretch, balancing out those cherubic cheeks.
  • Rectangular Faces: Don’t overdo it. Keep the beard on the shorter side so you don’t look like a rectangle on stilts.

Here’s the kicker: Ditching the ‘stache often makes your face look longer and more defined. And for the bros with rounder faces, this style gives a sleek, elongated look.

The Genetic Beard Game: Some of us hit the beard jackpot, and some of us… well, not so much. Maybe your beard’s thick as a forest, but your mustache? It’s playing hide and seek. No worries!

Patchy ‘Stache? No Problem!: Embrace what Mother Nature gave you, man. If you’re rocking the patchy mustache look, dive into the Beard Styles Without Mustache pool. It’s not about hiding what you’ve got, it’s about making it work FOR you.

Own Your Unique Beard Blueprint: Every dude’s beard grows differently. So, find a style that works with YOUR unique pattern. Make your statement. Stand out from the bearded crowd.

The Real Deal with Beard Styles Without Mustache: These styles aren’t just about breaking from the norm. They’re timeless, they’re classic, and they let YOU shine through. Whether it’s influenced by old-school cool, cultural vibes, or the latest trends, it’s all about owning it.

Bottom line? When diving into the Beard Styles Without Mustache world, consider your face shape, how your beard naturally grows, and most importantly, what feels right for you. Your beard’s not just about looking good; it’s about feeling good. So go ahead, rock that beard with pride, bro! 🧔🤘

Growing and Grooming Tips: Crafting the Perfect Beard Styles Without Mustache

You’re here because you want to nail that Beard Styles Without Mustache look, right? Let’s break it down, bro-to-bro, so you can rock that beard like a boss. 🤘

Laying Down the Basics: Growing that beard without a ‘stache isn’t just about letting nature take its course. We gotta have a game plan here!

Setting the Stage: Before you even think about the beard, focus on the skin underneath. Exfoliate that mug and slap on some moisturizer. Think of it as prepping the battlefield for the epic beard journey ahead.

Taming the Lip Territory: Here’s where it gets tricky. With no mustache in the game, the spotlight’s on your upper lip.

  • Go Clean: Use a badass razor and your favorite shaving cream to get that smooth, clean-shaven look.
  • Or Not: Feeling a bit lazy or want that rugged touch? Keep a little stubble using a trimmer. But remember: consistency’s the name of the game.

Beard Love: Think of your beard as a thirsty plant.

  • Hydrate: Nobody likes a dry, scratchy beard. A solid beard oil or moisturizer keeps things fresh and itch-free.
  • Cleanse: Use a beard-friendly shampoo a couple of times a week. Your beard (and anyone getting close) will thank you.
  • Comb it Out: Run a comb through that mane. It’s all about direction and looking full-on fabulous.

Trim & Style: As the beard gets its groove on, keep it in check. Grab some decent scissors and a trimmer. Here’s a pro tip: always trim dry to avoid any overzealous cuts.

Full Throttle or Easy Rider?: Rocking a full beard screams confidence, but if you’re more of the laid-back type, a little stubble does wonders. What’s it gonna be?

Spend Wisely: Don’t skimp on quality. Whether it’s oil, balm, or a trimmer, invest in the good stuff. It’s like armor for your beard.

Remember, pulling off those dope Beard Styles Without Mustache is all about the journey. You might hit some bumps, maybe an itchy phase, but with the right tools and a little patience, you’re gonna look epic. Whether you’re all about that bold beard or a chilled stubble, stay true to you. Rock it, maintain it, and let that beard tell your style story. 

Comprehensive Guide to Top Beard Styles Without Mustache

When it comes to beard styles without a mustache, history, culture, and individual expression converge in an array of iconic looks. Each style, steeped in heritage, also offers adaptability for the modern gentleman. Here, we delve into some of the classic beard styles without a mustache and what makes them truly timeless.

Let’s break down these iconic looks and see what’s gonna get those heads turning your way.

The Goatee Beard Style 

Man, the goatee is like the poster child of the beard styles without mustache club. Named after the goat (yeah, those fluffy animals) because of the chin fuzz, this style’s got some wicked variations.

  • Classic Goatee: We’re talking just a patch of hair on the chin, nothing too flashy. It’s a killer look, especially for the dudes with oval or square mugs.
  • Extended Goatee: Some call it the “tailback” or even the “rockstar goatee” – sounds fancy, right? It’s basically the goatee and mustache duo, but they aren’t connected. If you’ve got a longer face, this one might be your jam.
  • Anchor: This bad boy looks just like it sounds. Imagine an anchor on your face – a pointed beard that follows your jawline with a sleek chinstrap. Talk about making a statement!

Face Shape Suitability: Goatees are incredibly versatile and can complement most face shapes. But if you’re rockin a round or square face, the goatee might just be the magic trick to give your chin that extra oomph.

The Lincoln Beard Style

Named after the 16th president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, this beard style is distinctive in its absence of a mustache. Lincoln popularized this look during his time, likely as a way to stand out and distinguish himself.

  • Historical Background: Why the no-mustache look? Story goes, an 11-year-old kiddo wrote to Honest Abraham Lincoln saying he’d look way cooler (or, in her words, “a great deal better”) with a beard. Dude took the advice, and voila, the Lincoln Beard became iconic!
  • Modern Adaptations: Fast forward to today, the Lincoln Beard has evolved. You’ll find guys rocking it with a bit more style – maybe a sharper edge or a fade, but always keeping that full chin and jaw coverage.

Face Shape Suitability: This beard style is particularly suited for those with oval and heart-shaped faces, offering a stark contrast between the fullness of the beard and the absence of the mustache.

The Soul Patch Beard Style 

Enter the Soul Patch: A small patch of hair below the bottom lip, the soul patch has deep-rooted cultural connotations. Picture this: A tiny tuft of hair, just chillin’ right below your bottom lip. That’s the soul patch for you. Small, but man, does it pack a punch!

  • Jazz Origins: Back in the ’50s and ’60s, this little patch was the real MVP among jazz dudes and beatniks. In fact, that’s where it got its groovy name – straight from the heart of the soulful jazz scene.
  • Cultural Significance: Beyond the jazz bars, the soul patch started vibing with other crowds too. Fast forward to today, and it’s like a badge of honor among the alternative and counter-culture folks.

Face Shape Suitability: The beauty of the soul patch is its universality. Doesn’t matter if your face is round, square, or anything in between, this little patch of awesome is versatile enough to suit you.

Bold Choices: Daring Beard Styles Without a Mustache

Venturing into the more audacious terrain of beard styles without mustaches, those that’ll make folks turn heads and drop jaws. These ain’t your everyday looks – they’re for those brave souls looking to stand out in a crowd

Let’s dive deep into those killer Beard Styles Without Mustache.

Mutton Chops Beard Style

Imagine beefy sideburns that grow wider as they make their way down your face, but hold up! They hit the brakes right before your mouth. Now, toss out any hair on the chin and upper lip, and boom – that’s Mutton Chops for ya!

  • Love-Hate Relationship: Mutton Chops have always oscillated between immense popularity and periods of decline. Back in the Victorian times, they were like the top hat of beards – super classy. Fast forward to the rockin’ ’70s, and they turned into the ultimate rebel’s mark. From posh gents to rock legends, these chops have seen it all.
  • Modern Tweaks: Today’s version of Mutton Chops are getting all jazzed up. Some bros like them neatly tapered down, while others go all wild and free. But here’s the kicker – ditching the mustache is what gives these chops their kick-ass character. 

Face Shape Suitability: Got a longer face or maybe a diamond-shaped one? Given their strong side profile, Mutton Chops can add width to narrow faces, making them ideal for those with oblong or diamond face shapes.

The Viking Beard


Derived from the fierce Norse warriors of old, the Viking beard epitomizes rugged masculinity. Typically long, wild, and full, this beard style speaks volumes about one’s boldness, this is the ultimate Beard Style Without Mustache for anyone looking to ooze raw power.

  • Rugged Appeal: The Viking beard is more than just facial hair—it’s a symbol of strength, endurance, and raw power. Even without the mustache, the beard retains a virile and dominating presence. It screams strength, resilience, and yeah, a touch of wildness. Ditch the mustache, and you’ve still got a beard that demands respect and maybe a bit of envy.
  • Variations: While traditionally, the Viking beard is kept long, modern interpretations have varied lengths and degrees of grooming. Some opt for a medium length with a slight trim for neatness, while others go for the full, untamed glory. Braiding is another popular trend among enthusiasts, paying homage to the warriors of old and looks pretty damn cool.

Face Shape Suitability: Given its voluminous nature, the Viking beard is well-suited for those with square or round faces. It’ll give you some length, break the broadness, and make you look like you just stepped off a Viking ship.

Modern and Unique Styles: Contemporary Beard Styles Without a Mustache

When you think you’ve seen it all in the beard universe, there’s always some fresh style around the corner that’ll make heads turn. Modern and unique, these styles breathe fresh life into the world of facial hair, demonstrating that tradition and innovation can, indeed, go hand in hand.

The Eagle Beard Style 🦅

Deriving its name from its sharp and distinguished lines, the Eagle Beard features a tapering strip of hair that runs from the sideburns down to the chin, forming an inverted V-shape.

  • Rare Yet Striking: This ain’t your everyday beard. It’s edgy, it’s unique, and man, it’s a statement. If you’re looking to stand out and showcase that chiseled jawline, this one’s calling your name. Its bold contouring is reminiscent of an eagle’s beak, poised and regal.
  • Face Shape Suitability: Best suited for triangular and diamond face shapes, the Eagle Beard accentuates the chin while tapering the jawline, providing balance.

Who Rocks It Best?
Got a triangular or diamond mug? Congrats, you just hit the beard jackpot. The Eagle Beard Style Without Mustache is gonna do wonders for you, emphasizing your chin and giving some sleek lines to that jaw.

The Chinstrap Beard Style 

This modern style runs a thin line of hair along the jawline, starting from one sideburn and ending at the other, perfectly contouring the chin.

  • Resurgence: While its origins trace back to the 18th century, the Chinstrap has made a contemporary comeback, especially among younger demographics, due to its minimalist appeal.
  • Accentuation: By highlighting the jawline, the Chinstrap provides definition, making it ideal for those seeking to enhance their facial structure.

The Square Beard Style 

An innovative twist on the classic goatee, the Square Beard involves a more squared-off bottom edge, presenting a geometrically pleasing appearance.

  • Distinct Edge: Unlike the rounded or pointed bottom of a traditional goatee, the Square Beard’s edge aligns with the jawline, offering a modern, edgy vibe.
  • Face Shape Suitability: Particularly favorable for round faces, the Square Beard adds angularity, breaking the face’s circular silhouette.

The Chin Curtain Beard Style 

A linear beard style that runs along the jawline from ear to ear, it’s a hat tip to the 1800s with a modern-day twist.

  • Historical Roots: Popularized by figures like Abraham Lincoln, the Chin Curtain has stood the test of time, resonating even today for its clean and precise look.
  • Modern Grooming: Today’s Chin Curtain enthusiasts often opt for precise trims, ensuring the beard remains sleek and sharp, complementing both casual and formal attires.

The landscape of Beard Styles Without Mustache is vast and diverse. Modern and unique styles, inspired by historical legacies, show us that beards are not just about tradition but also about individual expression. From the edgy contours of the Eagle Beard to the timeless elegance of the Chin Curtain, there’s a style for every man ready to embrace the modern without forsaking the past.

Maintenance and Product Recommendations: Achieving Perfection for Beard Styles Without a Mustache

Alright gents, so you’ve made the bold move of sporting a beard without the ol’ mustache. And while it looks sharp, keeping it that way might feel like you’re prepping for a battle worthy of Valhalla. But fear not, warrior! Let’s dive into the arsenal you’ll need to keep that beard game strong.

1. Taming the Upper Lip: Keeping that upper lip clean and smooth is crucial for the no-mustache beard look. If your hair’s growing faster than a speeding bullet, you might need to trim or shave it a couple of times a week.

Tip: For those who dread the razor burn or have sensitive skin, a trimmer with a precision blade, like the Zero-Blade, is your best buddy. Gets real close without the burn.

2. The Beard Trim Ritual: Whether you’re rocking a lengthy beard or keeping it short and sweet, trimming is essential.

  • For the long beard kings out there: Occasional trims, say every few weeks, will do wonders. Focus on maintaining the desired shape and length.
  • For my short beard brethren: Frequent trims using a two or three trim guard will keep it sharp. Remember, the magic is in defining the top edges, the cheeks, and the neck. And if you’re all about those crisp lines, the Zero Blade’s your go-to.

3. Cleanliness is Beardliness: Wash your face. Wash your beard. Simple. It keeps the skin underneath healthy and gets rid of dead skin cells that love to crash the beard party. Plus, washing helps those beard hairs straighten out and fall back into place.

4. Beard Oils – The Liquid Gold: Got a long beard? Then beard oil’s your best mate. It keeps the hair from going brittle, and helps shape it just right. Just remember, opt for unscented oils if you’re not about that fragrant life. And always rinse it off at day’s end.

5. Product Power: Whether you’re looking to turn heads or just keep your facial hair feeling A1, a consistent care routine is crucial. Start with a good beard shampoo, use beard oil for hydration, and wax for that perfect style. Feeling adventurous? Explore beard conditioners or masks, especially if Jack Frost is making your beard feel parched.

6. The Nitty-Gritty on Trimming: Trimming without the mustache is pretty much the same deal as any beard trim. But it’s a game of patience and precision. Especially for styles with defined lines. Always trim post-wash, and after your beard has dried off. A beard comb is essential to straighten things out, helping you see where the wild ones are. And hey, sometimes scissors might give you better control for those finishing touches.

In essence, my bearded warriors, growing a beard worthy of legends, especially without the ‘stache, is an art. But with the right tools and some patience, it’s one where you get to flaunt the masterpiece every single day. And for those who need that extra oomph, The Beard Struggle’s collection could be your next pitstop. So, keep that beard game strong and wear it with pride. 

Embracing Individuality: It’s Your Beard, Your Rules!

Alright, fellas, let’s dive deep into a topic many of us ponder over – to sport that beard without the ol’ mustache or not? For many, “Beard Styles Without Mustache” isn’t just a fashion choice; it’s a statement. So let’s unpack what it means and why, for some gents, ditching the ‘stache makes all the difference.

It’s All About Personal Preference:
First off, let’s be real. Whether you should rock a beard sans mustache is completely up to you. But there are some nifty benefits to this bold choice. Fewer whiskers to groom, for one. Plus, who wouldn’t want that jaw to pop and scream “defined”?

Pros & Cons of the Mustache Life

While some of us love the ‘stache, let’s admit it: it has its moments. Trying to sip your drink or dig into a juicy burger with a bushy upper lip? Yeah, it can be a messy affair. Plus, just because you’ve got a mustache doesn’t automatically up the charm ante. Sometimes, simplicity wins.

Embracing The Lion’s Mane

Ever heard of the lion’s mane? That’s right; a beard without the distractions of the upper lip and neck hair. Fierce, isn’t it? Symbolic of strength and virility. If that doesn’t make you want to embrace the beard without mustache life, I don’t know what will!

Does It Compliment Your Mug?

If you’re wondering if the no-mustache beard vibe will suit you, think about your face shape. For those sporting an elongated or diamond-shaped face, the beard without a mustache can be a game-changer. It’s all about striking that balance and giving your features a more harmonious look.

Why Go for the No-Mustache Look? 

Let’s Break It Down:

  • Stand Out, Be You: Want to turn heads? Sporting a unique style is your ticket. A beard without the mustache? Definitely unique.
  • Mustache Woes: Ever tried trimming your mustache and ended up looking like you’ve got two uneven patches? It can be frustrating. Sometimes, it’s easier to let the beard shine solo.
  • Oops! Shaved Too Much?: We’ve all been there. That moment when you accidentally trim a bit too much off your mustache. Instead of panicking, why not just go all out and try a no-mustache beard style?
  • Specific Beard Styles Call for It: Some beard styles, like the chin curtain or soul patch, just resonate more without the mustache. It’s all about letting that beard style take center stage.

In a Nutshell…
Growing a beard without the mustache isn’t about conforming to trends. It’s about embracing your individuality and feeling great about it. So, if you’re leaning towards trying out one of the many beard styles without a mustache, I say, “Go for it!” Experiment, find what vibes with you, and remember – it’s your beard, your rules. And if ever in doubt, remember: there’s always room for the mustache to make a comeback!

Your Beard, Your Statement

Alright, gents, we’ve been on quite the journey dissecting the world of “Beard Styles Without Mustache.” Let’s wrap things up and recap the bearded goodness we’ve been diving into.

Beauty in Simplicity

It’s been quite the ride understanding the sheer beauty and versatility of beards that fly solo without the company of a mustache. The looks are as diverse as they are impressive, from the rugged Viking vibes to the sophisticated Chin Curtain. Every beard without a mustache tells a story, and trust me, it’s a compelling one.

Own Your Beard Style:

But hey, whether you’re rocking the no-mustache look or keeping things classic with a full face of whiskers, the most important thing is to own it. Embrace that facial fur! Your beard – or the lack of it in certain places – speaks volumes about your personality and style.

Beyond Trends – It’s About Self-Expression:

Let’s get real for a second. While we’ve sung praises of the “Beard Styles Without Mustache,” the key takeaway? It’s all about self-expression. It’s about feeling confident in your skin (and beard) and letting that beard do the talking. Your face, your canvas – paint it how you like!

A Gentlemanly Nod to Individuality:

Facial hair isn’t just about aesthetics. It’s a nod to individuality, a beacon of manliness, and an embodiment of one’s journey. So whether you decide to let that upper lip breathe or pair it with a dashing ‘stache, remember that the ultimate style statement is being unapologetically yourself.

Signing Off:

So, to all the beard enthusiasts, those pondering a change, or the curious souls just window shopping different styles, here’s to you! Continue to carve out your unique beard journey, and whatever path you choose in the vast landscape of Beard Styles Without Mustache, wear it with pride, confidence, and a dash of swagger.

Cheers to your beard story, mate! Here’s to every strand, every style, and every statement it makes! 🍻

Beardsmen, Unite and Share!

Hey there, fellow beard enthusiast! If you’ve been nodding along with this guide and stroking that chin fur contemplatively, now’s your time to jump into the spotlight. Let’s get interactive and make this a real bearded brotherhood.

1. Flaunt That Beard:

Got a killer “Beard Without Mustache” you’re particularly proud of? Or perhaps a beard story that’ll make us laugh, cry, or just nod in that “yeah man, been there” kind of way? Share it with us! Use the hashtag #NoMustacheBeardGang on social media, and let’s flood the digital world with some beard-tastic content.

2. Dive Deeper:

If this article has sparked an insatiable thirst for all things beard, don’t sweat it! Dive deeper into our treasure trove of articles. Whether you’re hunting for grooming tips, the history of beards, or just some entertaining beard anecdotes, we’ve got you covered.

3. The Perfect Groom:

Speaking of grooming, have you checked out our product reviews yet? Whether you’re a beard oil aficionado, searching for the ultimate beard comb, or just beginning your beard journey and need the 101 on maintenance – we’ve got a plethora of insights waiting for you.

4. Connect and Converse:

Join our community forum. Swap stories, trade tips, and connect with fellow beardsmen. Nothing beats learning from real-life experiences, and our forum is the hub for all those golden nuggets of beard wisdom.

So, my bearded brothers, as we part ways on this Beard Styles Without Mustache journey, let it not be the end. Share, learn, groom, and most importantly, wear your beard style with pride. Because at the end of the day, it’s not just about facial hair – it’s about the stories we tell, the bonds we forge, and the mark we leave.

Here’s to the brotherhood of the beard! 🍺

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